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Mikael Vinding


CTO at AP Technology where we create innovative software for the nations largest Credit Unions and Banks.

Digital Strategy

I’m passionate about new digital tools and how they continuously transform the how businesses work and interact

Blockchain and Fintech

I am fascinated with the impact that blockchain technology, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies already now is having on the world of transactions.

Innovation and Startups

Innovation drives companies. I have worked with large and small companies with everything from ideation to strategy and market entry.

Startup Advisor

The Talk List

The Talk List

The Talk List links students with tutors across the planet realtime via video with a unique and global learning eco-system that lets students tutor their peers on subjects they are confident in. Based in San Diego, TheTalkList is also pioneering mobile and blockchain concepts in EdTech.



Sonisto is a startup based in Copenhagen that develops a free program for Mac/Windows that makes it easy to buy and handle your audio plugins. Endorsed by industry veterans like Cutfather, Keith Follesé and L. Henry Sarmiento II, Sonisto will change the world of audio producers worldwide.